Akkerman fountain pen inks

To mark our 100 years of existence, PW Akkerman introduced in 2010 his own ink line. This ink’s came in large 150 ml bottles, these large bottles are now completely sold out.
Due to the worldwide success of this unique bottle we decided to continue, but now with a smaller sized bottle with a content of ca 60 ml. The new bottles will be available in the same 31 colors as before.

The Akkerman inks have been given names related to the city The Hague. For example: KoninginneNach-Blauw, Binnenhof Blues, Shocking Blue, Parkpop Purper or/and Rood Haags Pluch.


The faceted inkbottle is characterized by the long-neck, in which there is a glass marble. When the closed inkbottle is tilt, the neck of the bottle fills itself with ink.
Horizontal again the marble will fall back and prevent the ink to flow back into the bottle. In the neck of the bottle there is now a small reservoir and you can easily fill your fountain pen, even when the pot is almost empty!

Shipping cost / ordering Akkerman inks

The cost for shipment abroad depends on the country and weight. An indication of the shipping costs appears in your shopping cart when a product is placed in it.Indicative: 5  Akkerman bottles outside Europe, eg to USA Canada Australia Japan China etc. comes at € 20,00 Shipping cost. 6-14 new Akkerman ink bottles costs € 30,00 and 15 up to 30 bottles (max) is € 50,00 shipping. 30 bottles is the maximum number of bottles that we will fit in 1 box.

Example calculation

Outside the EU, you pay no Dutch VAT, one bottle akkerman ink will cost € 12.40. The shipping from 1 to 5 bottles is € 20,00. Imagine you order 5 bottles, these will cost (5 x € 12.40) = € 62,00 + shipping costs € 20, – making the total to € 82,00. So when you order 5 bottles, each bottle will cost you only € 16.40. (converted at the current rate is this about $ 18.38)
You can order your inks on the Akkerman website: vulpennen.nl

We ship worldwide